• In-Store Sales of Firearms, Ammo and all Accessories
  • We can also sell your old and used gun. We will consider any and all trades on new or used firearms. We also buy used firearms outright if you have something just collecting dust you don’t need anymore. Bring them in and we’ll see if we can make a deal.
  • Law Enforcement Package Discounts.
  • Short- and Long-Term Firearms Storage.
  • Knowledgeable and Courteous Staff to answer your Questions.
  • In-Store Trades, Sales and Appraisals: We will be happy to provide a trade-in or sale value of your firearm. Please call in advance so that we may be able to spend time with you to properly evaluate your items.
  • Gunsmithing Services:  F. Ahmed Arms Co.  employs two expert Gunsmiths on site for repairs, modifications, installation of optics and electronic sights, functionality testing, action jobs and refinishing. Expert work takes time, so… please call in advance so that we may be able to spend time with you to properly evaluate the work to be done.
  • We will:
    Provide timely and accurate information on both new and production guns, ammunition and accessories, to allow you to decide which item is best for you.

The name of the company F. Ahmed Arms Co. was decided by the company proprietor Mr . Omar Faruk Khan . F. Ahmed Arms Co.Started their journey from 25th August , 2022, the day when Mr. Omar Faruk Khan got the legal Fire arms dealer Authorization from the Bangladesh government and Bangladesh Arms Department . we know that location selection is one of the major part for any retail business . Then he decided to move our location from Pritom Bhaban ,215 Syed Nazrul Islam Swarani (Purana Paltan ),1st floor,  Room# 29 , Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh Market which is located in the Paltan area.

Maintaining the quality of product & Service in our main mantra. Since we are dealing with ultimate security & safety product so reliability . Faith & quality in needed to come first . We know that without maintaining quality of product & service no organization can service long run is this competitive market .

F. Ahmed Arms Co. is a sole proprietorship business organization which is authorized by Bangladesh government . Our core business is to retailing of fire arms and ammunition . Basically we are a Dhaka based retail shop but we are capturing the entire Bangladesh arms market because of our quality of unique product and services.

There are some legal barriers from the Bangladesh government to opening a fire arms and ammunition’s company . Without fulfillment of all the necessary requirement it is impossible to get fire arms and ammunitions dealership authorization F. Ahmed Arms Co. is a Bangladesh government authorized arms and ammunition dealer . For this kind of complex barrier and restrictions there are only 38 active and legal arms and ammunition dealer in Bangladesh against 25,000,00 plus consumers . Among this 38 arms dealer only 6 or 7 has the authorization to import arms and ammunition from the abroad because of their investment and structure of the organization .

This company mainly engages in retailing the quality product at the lowest price in the Bangladesh arms market .But we are also involved in whole-selling arms and ammunition and mostly accessories and BB gun to the other arms dealer. Because of some complexity of import and insufficient supply of arms and ammunition there creates a business to business market in Bangladesh arms market . So the whole selling to the other retailer is another core objective for us .

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