Introduced in 1997, the Guardian 32 ACP is one of the few guns that fits comfortably in your pocket. The combination of small size, high quality, and great stopping power have made it our most popular Guardian. Over the years, we have made many subtle improvements to the design, based in part on the many suggestions we receive from our customers. The result is an extremely high quality gun that’s Convenient, Reliable, and very Effective. We stand behind it and back it up with our lifetime warranty.



The L.W. Seecamp micro .32 ACP hideout pistol has been one of the most sought after pistols for ultra-discreet carry by professionals since it appeared on the scene in 1985 and is often described as being made of “unobtanium” due to the difficulty in actually finding one of these guns to purchase.  The .32 Seecamp was revolutionary when introduced due to the fact that it was originally a .25 ACP pistol that was later adapted to fire the larger .32 ACP cartridge in the same-sized gun. To ensure reliability of the Seecamp, it was recommended for many years that only Winchester .32 ACP Silvertip ammo be used in it. Even with this restriction, the pistol was widely popular, and supply could not keep up with demand. Enter North American Arms.

With the expiration of the Seecamp patents on their .32 pistol, North American Arms, primarily known for their outstanding line of rimfire single-action mini revolvers, decided to produce their improved version of the Seecamp, the Guardian, in order to satisfy unmet consumer demand.

Manufactured from stainless steel like its predecessor, the Guardian .32 ACP offered two updates of this sleek little design. The first was changing from the European heel-type magazine release to the American push-button release on the side of the frame. The second change was the addition of small fixed front and rear sights. The Seecamp has none.


Action typeDouble Action Onl.
TriggerDouble Action.
Caliber.32 ACP
Barrel Length2.19'' inc
Length1.2 inc
Height3.38'' inc
Width0.81'' inc
Weight15.6 oz
Made ByNorth America.
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